The Peyote Stitch is easy to bead and still is surprisingly versatile. For an off-loom stitch, this ancient technique is very often used by contemporary beaders.

Connie Barrett Bio

Connie is that rare breed: a native Oregonian. Although she grew up and was educated on the Oregon coast, she has lived in the Willamette Valley, near Carlton, for over forty years.

She is a self-taught artist who became interested in Peyote bead weaving as a form of therapy while recovering from health problems. That therapy quickly transformed into a creative endeavor that continues today.

Peyote beadwork is an ancient art form that dates back to the early Egyptians. The same type of beading can also be found among various Native American cultures and, historically, has been used on their clothing and ceremonial garments. Using Delica® seed beads Connie creates stunning works of art in the form of bracelets, pins, rings, amulet bags and purses.

“The enjoyment of seeing tiny beads transform into works of art never fails to amaze me,” she says.